About me

CRMCF has been delivering quality technology services since its inception. Above all else, the needs of our clients come first. We take an objective look at the challenges facing our clients and analyze the technology available to serve their needs. PowerObjects looks to leverage the strengths of our clients and supplement through a combination of technology, consulting and education. CRMCF derives its success from experience, and experience has shown that to be successful, one must begin by listening to the client. Too often consulting companies define a solution before listening to what a client really needs. We focus on the basic questions: How does a particular process help automate the business? How is the process done today? How will the process be done tomorrow? When the time comes to implement a project, we focus again on education. PowerObjects wants its clients to be able to use and maintain the applications built for them. Placing extra emphasis on mentoring clients during the implementation phase of a project allows PowerObjects to transfer the knowledge necessary to accomplish this. The PowerObjects approach to developing solutions is really a conversation–one that begins with the initial contact and extends through the implementation of a project. At PowerObjects, we encourage dialogue, and at no point do we allow our client to lose sight of a project’s goals. Our experience, combined with an emphasis on education, empowers our clients to become part of their solution.